Farewell, Dear Globe

I learned to read from the pages of the Globe and Mail newspaper. For longer than I’m prepared to admit (as in — since Grade 2) opening that paper has been part of my morning ritual. I’ve stuck with it through thick and thin, borne with some of it’s ill-fated attempts at investigative journalism, it’s deep insights, it’s left-wing sense of social justice and it’s right wing apologists who heaped praise on (choose a pejorative) like Conrad Black, even it’s tragically misdirected hiring of Christie Blatchford (complete with some contractual clause that seems to guarantee her at least a sliver of space on the front page every time she writes an article, no matter what).

Intellectual Property in a Digital Era

Last night I attended a presentation by Doug Hyatt, Business Economics Professor at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Business. Although billed as focusing on the music industry, his comments were actually more broad ranging, even abstract.

I guess that is a telling indication of how early we are in the process of adapting to the digital era. When very smart people who make their careers from studying these problems speak in abstract terms, you know we have a long way to go. (more…)