About the Site

Ambit Online

Originally a site that I set up as a resource for computer telephony, which was my primary business at the time, this site went through a few transformations and has now become a place to collate all the things that don’t really fit elsewhere. Most of my art can now be found on alanlangford.ca, so this leaves a blog, some personal recipes, and a couple of projects.

The Blog

Alan LangfordAlthough “It’s Fixed in the Next Release” is a mantra from software development (or more aptly technical support), the intent here is to apply the phrase to a far broader context, for example, “It’s fixed in my next reincarnation.” This broad interpretation means that the entries here cover vastly unrelated subjects.

I suppose this is the fifth or sixth generation of Ambit Online now. From a hand-coded site first launched in 1997 as a “coming soon” splash page that lasted forever, to a business/resume site with state-of-the-art “dynamic menus” in Javascript and a semi-cool career project timeline display, to a personal site with a blog that ran serendipity, to a repository for various creative efforts running my beloved Joomla, then the blog ported to WordPress, to this: an all WordPress site.

WordPress is still an unmitigated disaster under the hood, but market share wins developers, and it’s just easier to do a simple site like this. Like it or not WordPress has become the Microsoft of CMS systems.