About the Site

Ambit Online

Originally a site that I set up as a resource for computer telephony, which was my primary business at the time, this site went through a few transformations and has now become a place to collate all the things that don’t really fit elsewhere. Most of my art can now be found on alanlangford.ca, so this leaves a blog, some personal recipes, and a couple of projects.

The Blog

Alan LangfordAlthough “It’s Fixed in the Next Release” is a mantra from software development (or more aptly technical support), the intent here is to apply the phrase to a far broader context, for example, “It’s fixed in my next reincarnation.” This broad interpretation means that the entries here cover vastly unrelated subjects.

If you’re looking for a tightly focused blog with short, pithy entries, you are in the wrong place (although there are some). Here, blogging is about content.

With the transition to WordPress, most categories have been converted to tags. Posts are now in a few broader categories:

  • Observations on Everything contains posts that are about something.
  • Observations on Nothing contains more personal stuff, sometimes just a memory or a dream.
  • It’s a Code, Code World contains more technical posts related to software development.
  • Steal this Idea is a scratchpad for ideas I’ll probably never get around to working on.