Ambit Online – All Over the Map Since 1998

Well, what’s this then? It’s:

  • My personal blog, It’s Fixed in the Next Release whereupon I’m likely to post on anything. If you’re looking for a coherent set of posts with a single topical focus, you are in the wrong place. If you don’t mind shifting from computer security and online fraud, to politics, and then onto marketing, rants about spammers, with a side of architecture, well then you’re in the right place. Posts are infrequent, but as I become less connected to social media, things might pick back up again.
  • A repository for a handful of recipes that we’ve adapted over the years, mostly vegetarian. We are fond of strongly spiced foods, so several entries are just on spice mixes. If you’re looking to make your own Cajun spice mix, you’re in the right place.
  • A set of notes on software and software development. Mostly these are notes about problems I’ve solved where answers have been hard to find online, or when parts of the answer are distributed across many places. My hope is that when someone else is looking to solve the same problem, my post comes up in a search and helps them get a solution more quickly.
  • There’s also a little art here. I have another site for that, but it’s is now embarrassingly out of date and at the moment is a mere splash page. I’ll get to that Real Soon Now.



June, 2020