Ambit Online – All Over the Map Since 1998

Well, what’s this then? I suppose this is the fifth or sixth generation of Ambit Online now (or as the domain registration scammers used to call it “Ambition Line”). From a hand-coded site first launched in 1997 as a “coming soon” splash page that lasted forever, to a business/resume site with state-of-the-art “dynamic menus” in Javascript and a semi-cool career project timeline display, to a personal site with a blog done in serendipity, to a repository for various creative efforts done in my beloved Joomla and the blog ported to WordPress, to this: an all WordPress site.

But that’s more how than what, isn’t it? Social media has nearly killed the blog; posts are few and far between and generally extended complaints. Behind the scenes there’s a litter of half conceived drafts. Most of my new creative work now lives on With this revision I’m killing off some old false starts, notably an attempt to write movie reviews.

For the past few years, my primary use of the site has been to record a few favourite recipes, adaptations and hybrids of other stuff that I’ve found over the years. So there’s that. I also get the sense that the era of social media is waning. Not that it’s ever going to go away, but I think it will be less dominant in online discourse. Maybe my blog will see something akin to a renaissance. We’ll all have to wait and see.