Entrepreneurial Life Update

This week I launched Venture Media Canada with the first episode of The Entrepreneurial Life!

This only took about a year longer than expected (there’s a reason why “perseverance” is usually listed as a top trait for entrepreneurs). Next on the list is “execution”. I’m reconnecting with the people who expressed an interest in being on the show, scheduling interviews, and having fun.

Please give the site a visit and tell your friends, associates, and enemies about it!

The Entrepreneurial Life – Interviews with Canadian Entrepreneurs

About a year ago, I came up with the idea of doing a series of video interviews with Canadian entrepreneurs. Hardly a unique idea, but my take on it was to focus on the experience and process of starting and running your own business instead of just talking about what the business does.

I subsequently put a fair bit of effort into getting everything set up: build a site, bootstrap a platform… all in my “spare” time. Then I stalled. That platform will never be ready because it suffers from the chicken and egg syndrome. There’s no site without content, and there’s no content without a site. Frustrated, I’m solving that problem by redefining it away. This post is the egg. (more…)

Spam via Zoominfo, Another in the Don’t Trust Series

Update: Part of the problem is the “allow people to contact me through this address” flag, which was set on. Hard to believe I’d let that happen, but I’ll assume that part was my failure, although the spam in question came in directly, not through Zoominfo’s servers. It’s probable that there was still a loss of data integrity at Zoominfo.

One of the great things about maintaining your own domain is the ability to put up a good fight when it comes to spam. It’s a real battle. This domain has been registered since the late 90’s, when an open Internet meant that just about anybody could harvest contact information from domain registration databases. (more…)