Credit Card Fraud: It’s Time for Banks to Play Offence

Every once in a while organized crime gives me a call. It’s not that I’m so special, they just happen to know my phone number. The call comes in “Unknown number” which is a warning sign in itself. Then I’ve won a trip to Florida, Vegas, or wherever. Red flag. Press nine and you get a very happy and enthusiastic person who wants to give you a free trip, all you have to do is be a credit card holder.

Stop right there. These people are offering you great sounding (and nonexistent) stuff for the sole purpose of capturing your name and credit card number so they can rip you off. (more…)

If You Liked “The Secret” is Live

If You Liked “The Secret” went live yesterday. Talk about a project that expands to exceed available resources, this was it.

The site is for people who liked the movie “The Secret”. It offers some of the classic titles in this field of thought, customized with a person’s name and downloaded in electronic format. It sounds like a good idea on its own, but it’s a surprisingly powerful moment when you open up a book and find it written for you. (more…)