Useful Free Web Developer Tool: “Multiple IE”

Those of us who do web development face a daunting task. Even with well defined web standards, every browser implementation has differing levels of compliance, bugs, and differences in interpretation that can make a site that looks great in one browser look awful, or even non-functional in another.

Then there’s Microsoft. Despite being a party to the development of many of these standards, they’re notorious for going their own way and for ignoring standards when it doesn’t suit them. The problem is that Internet Explorer is by far the most installed browser out there, so web site developers are left to accommodate their errors and arrogance. (more…)

phpGroupWare: Cool Open Source Software Needs Help

I’ve been running a nifty little package called “phpGroupWare” for a few years now with great success. It’s got just about everything you would want in a groupware package: contact management, shared calendars, document storage and retrieval, e-mail, and much more.

This is a project that experienced an all too common event in open source: a fork. Some years ago, there was an argument on the future direction of the project. As I vaguely recall, it had something to do with licensing. I wasn’t around for the fireworks, but this tends to be a deeply philosophical issue and one of the most common reasons for OSS forks. (more…)