To say this blog has suffered from neglect is to make a rather large understatement. It turns out that converting a passing thought into a coherent post takes too many words and too much time. Or maybe finishing a post just doesn’t generate enough endorphin. Whatever the reason, It’s Fixed in the Next Release underwhelmed my expectations, and then Twitter really made a mess of it.

Still, it’s never quite been dead. It’s just gotten more and more neglected, slipped down in search results, received less traffic, and in the process the design became more than a little dated.

Then last week we gave PHP 5.2 a long overdue retirement on this server, replacing it with the latest, PHP 5.4.

My old blog software, Serendipity ( didn’t take this transition gracefully, and the blog was rapidly replaced with pages upon pages of errors.

It’s possible that there was an update to Serendipity available, and I really have nothing against it as a blogging platform. But since my professional work has become focused on Joomla and WordPress, this seemed like the right time to make a change. I found a plugin that did an adequate job of importing the text (adequate: lots of messed up characters, some lost markup, and I haven’t even tackled images yet), used a template that was left over from a project that Didn’t Work Out (I won’t digress), and here we are on a shiny new WordPress blog.

It will take a while to clean up the import errors, a bunch of inbound links will get busted, my backwater-of-the-Internet search Engine ranking will change (up or down, when you’re result number 250,734 nobody cares). But maybe, just maybe I’ll come back to post a little more often. Who knows?