Instead of maintaining an increasingly diffuse presence on this site, where not knowing what the hell I’m going to do next gets mixed visitor reactions, I’ve been branching out to multiple web locations, each with a clearly defined focus.

This blog will remain diverse in topics and erratic in frequency, but instead of following the “about everything” tag line so literally, I’ve started moving new things to their own topic-specific places. I figure this will make this blog slightly easier to label and the new locations will benefit from a tighter focus.

This also means that this blog will suffer from something I have never really liked about blogs: updates that are about me, instead of about something I find interesting. The only upside is that I’ll try to restrain myself to pointing at stuff that’s interesting.

Documenting the Redevelopment of the Valhalla Inn

I live beside the Valhalla Inn, which is undergoing a transformation to the One Valhalla condo complex. As construction got underway, starting with demolition of the old hotel, I started taking pictures. I’m now posting them on posterous. They’re just snapshots taken through the window of my condo lobby, so they’re more documentation than art.

Canadian Entrepreneurialism and Venture Media Canada

My Internet broadcast channel, Venture Media Canada just posted its second show. After considerable frustration in trying to raise the production value of the show, I just gave up and posted the best I could manage. Fixing a Skype call in post-production is just too much work for the return you get back. That’s the bad news. The good news is that the actual interview is exactly what I was hoping for when I started this project. I talk with Erika Hanchar, who with her partner Ryan, started a wedding photography business on a dream, some government funded business training, and a $500 credit card. She was 20 when they started. Seven years later, Rowell Photography has a worldwide reputation as one of the best in the business. Erika’s story about the process and how they managed it is compelling.

I think all the excitement I initially had about the Venture Media Canada concept was justified. Production issues aside, these interviews offer a unique insight into what it means to start your own business. That’s exactly what I was hoping for when I started and it’s amazing to see it become real. I also know it will take months or even years of work before it starts to catch on. I plan to have fun with it along the way!

Movie Reviews

The small number of you who are fans of my recently launched movie reviews will notice that the flow of new reviews has stopped. This is largely because I’m dependent on a flow of premieres from studios, and making these connections takes time, and most of my effort has been on producing new content. I’ll keep working on this, so bear with me.