Ideas are cheap. Really. There are hundreds, thousands, millions of them floating around out there. Many of them aren’t all that unique. Most are so vague that they don’t even rate being called an idea [One of my favourites: “I’ve got an idea, let’s create an environment that empowers decision makers!” – that’s not an idea, it’s vacuous fluff.]

The vast majority ideas aren’t “good” for a variety of reasons. But even after you cull non-ideas and bad ideas, and remove the duplicates, there’s still a lot of good ideas. Lots and lots. Too many.

I suffer from idea-osis.

I get lots of them. Most of them suck. The ones that don’t suck take time, money, inspiration, perspiration, dedication, perseverance, and luck before they see implementation. I have more ideas than any of those things. So I work on a few and hope to see them to fruition, with mixed results.

It used to be that I’d put some of these ideas away and hope to work on them later. But a lot of really good ideas are perishable. A few short months or years from how, they’ll either be old, because someone else had a similar idea and gave it a shot, or just because times changed.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it doesn’t make sense to sit on ideas. Like open source software, there’s great benefit to just putting them out there. Let whoever stumbles across them decide if they suck or if they deserve the effort required to see fruition. All I ask is a little credit for the inspiration.

I used to think that once I got the main part of this site up and running, I’d post my ideas there. Now that site is up, and I realize I was mostly wrong. Sure, some ideas are fairly well developed and deserve a more detailed explanation, but most of them can be expressed in a few paragraphs. and the best way to communicate a few paragraphs is here, in a blog format.

So here it is, the (random) ideas category. If the idea needs a more detailed explanation, I’ll just link to the main article from here.