Normally I’m no fan of the “blog by repeating news” style, but in this case I have to make an exception. The headline above is from a Computerworld Security article dated June 20, 2008. Discussing a recent upgrade to Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool, this excerpt caught my attention:

One password stealer, called Taterf, was detected on 700,000 computers in the first day after the update. That’s twice as many infections as were spotted during the entire month after Microsoft began detecting the notorious Storm Worm malware last September.

“These are ridiculous numbers of infections my friends, absolutely mind-boggling,” wrote Matt McCormack, a spokesman with Microsoft’s Malware Response Center, in a Friday blog posting.

This may be mind-boggling to someone who lives deep in Microsoft culture, but to everyone else, it’s barely a surprise. The missing part of McCormack’s quote should have been “The Linux/Unix guys are right, Windows security still sucks at a deep structural level.” Good thing regular doses of Microsoft Cool-Aid prevents that.