The decision to drop PHP4 support in the next version of Joomla was made yesterday.

There’s going to be some controversy over this one, but in my opinion, it’s the right move. It’s actually something I’ve been (gently, I hope) lobbying for for months.

Top reasons to move to PHP5:

  1. By the time 1.6 comes out, PHP4 will be completely unsupported.
  2. We can make Joomla run faster under PHP5.
  3. The only people this will cause a really serious problem for are lazy ISPs who haven’t got their act together. Hosting providers who don’t have PHP5 support in place by now probably have all sorts of other maintenance issues outstanding and deserve this pain, in my opinion.
  4. It makes my AP5L ACL code a candidate for use as a “rights provider” in the next release, which would makr my first really significant contribution to the project.
  5. PHP5 is a lot nicer to code in.

Very happy.