Two interesting things about viral marketing:

  • In a lot of cases, you can’t even be sure if there was originally a marketing intent behind it.
  • Just about any business can wind up as the subject of a viral “buzz”.

That’s any business, even including a Sand Road Venture Capital firm. Take a look at this “Anti-Portfolio” from Bessemer Venture Partners.

I’ve had that link sent to me via IM twice today. That’s buzz.

Why does it work? It’s true, it’s funny, and it’s out of the box. Every VC I’ve met to date seems to like to put forward the image of near-prescient infallibility. Openly admitting to your mistakes, and naming names is an utter reversal of this image-making. It is so novel and unusual that it’s immedately worth passing along. Not only that but it instantly humanizes the entire firm and makes them seem like the sorts of people you’d like to pitch to first.

Its both superb and brilliant — be it intentional or not.