After a few days of plug-ins and tweaks, I have to say I’m phenomenally happy with Serendipity, my new blog software. Open source rules the day again.

From the user side, the best feature is the ability to grab an RSS feed by category. Not interested in my ramblings about daily life? Grab a feed from the categories you like.

As a developer, it’s not very often that I install an application without muttering under my breath about something that isn’t done right, or at least could have been done better. This package is as close to perfect as I’ve seen in a long time. In fact, the only thing it did that wasn’t to my liking was create a new user for the posts I imported from Blogger. If it had asked if I wanted to merge the posts into an existing user, it would have spared me a little digging into the database and a quick SQL query to patch things up.

I’ve also deployed Serendipity in the “Flexistuff” blog over at One of a Kind Publishing. This new blog is going to be all about personalization and customization, but it will take a little while for it to get up to speed. After all, blogs are all about content, and good content is never easy. There’s also a good chance that we’ll be rebranding; I’ll update the link if/when things change.