Originally, Ambit Online was the online home of my consulting business, but the site was a perpetual one page "under construction" wonder. When the business incorporated as Abivia, this domain became my personal site. I hope you find it enjoyable.

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It's Fixed in the Next Release

Want to know what's going on inside my head? You're probably mistaken.

If you're not convinced, then my blog, "It's Fixed in the Next Release" is probably as close as any rational person would want to get.

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New Site Design, New Stuff

This site truly is a personal project. It doesn't always have an agenda to follow, so it's a strange mix of sketch and reality. I don't promise to fill in all the sketchy bits, but I'll try.

Newer New Stuff

I've set up a YouTube channel, What The Fund? where I take a lighthearted and often sarcastic look at crowdfunding projects. Most of them are not very good, some are really impressive and some are just bonkers. So far it's been great fun. I hope you take a look and enjoy the episodes.

My newer art, mostly photography and digitally manipulated photography now lives at my Alan Langford, Canadian Multimedia Artist site.

New Design

This post marks the launch of a new site design. New Site Design is always an odd thing to say. If you've been here before, you will have already gone "hey, that's new". If you haven't been here before, it's pretty much not relevant. I got tired of issues with the old template and some of the choices I made with it, so I dropped in a new commercial template and cleaned things up. My hope is that the new site is more readable and easier to navigate.

Old New Stuff

I abandoned the movie review thing not long after it started. Condensed version: I didn't like very many movies, nobody wants to read nothing but bad reviews and I didn't want to write them. It was supposed to be fun and it wasn't so I stopped.

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Ideas are cheap. It's implementing ideas that's difficult. I have more ideas than I could ever implement, so I'm going to start recording them here in hopes that someone thinks the idea is good enough to implement.  


I used to be a pretty decent photographer. Now I mostly take snapshots. I'm going to inflict some of them upon you.  

Art & Architecture

I've dabbled in many forms of art. Ray-traced digital art, writing, drawing, architecture, even paint on canvas. Some of it can be good. Most of it reflects the small amount of practice I have put into it. I'm now sharing most of it. The grossly incomplete and embarrassing bits are the only significant omissions.