Originally, Ambit Online was the online home of my consulting business, but the site was a perpetual one page "under construction" wonder. When the business incorporated as Abivia, this domain became my personal site. I hope you find it enjoyable.

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It's Fixed in the Next Release

Want to know what's going on inside my head? You're probably mistaken.

If you're not convinced, then my blog, "It's Fixed in the Next Release" is probably as close as any rational person would want to get.

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Ambit Online Reloaded

It has finally happened. I'm doing something with the Ambit Online site. Thanks to the power of modern content management systems, there's finally a relatively easy way to get this site up, running, and looking good at the same time.

But it's early days yet. The first job is the one every site owner should tackle: information architecture. I've sketched out the structure of the content I want on this site, and put in a few place holders, but the real work remains to be done.

I'm also hoping to be able to move the blog over from the very capable Seredipity to a Joomla native solution. This will let me standardize the template and integrate the maintanance into one package. But it's going to b a fairly big job and one that is going to be somewhat disruptive since the URLs to the posts will undoubtedly change.

So bear with me for a while as I get everything in order. Even with good software, the list of things to do inevitably exceeds the time available.

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Ideas are cheap. It's implementing ideas that's difficult. I have more ideas than I could ever implement, so I'm going to start recording them here in hopes that someone thinks the idea is good enough to implement.  


I used to be a pretty decent photographer. Now I mostly take snapshots. I'm going to inflict some of them upon you.  

Art & Architecture

I've dabbled in many forms of art. Ray-traced digital art, writing, drawing, architecture, even paint on canvas. Some of it can be good. Most of it reflects the small amount of practice I have put into it. I'm now sharing most of it. The grossly incomplete and embarrassing bits are the only significant omissions.